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Want to take a break from the presentations on our stages and have some hands-on fun?

Meet other attendees in a unique setting while learning something new about topics driving the future of work through our immersive workshops! Each out of the FOUR workshops has 40 limited seats – find out more about the programme below and grab your spot today.

Workshops will take place in the Executive Pass Zone on the 1st floor of the Refinery Gallery, open to Regular Pass holders only for the duration of the workshops.

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Implementation of GDPR ≠ Mission Impossible

10:00 – 11:00 – REGISTER HERE

We will focus on the actual data protection issues resulting from our experiences with practical implementation of GDPR in various business entities (from start-ups to corporations). We will show the common implementation problems and possible solutions with a model case-study that will be understandable also to non-lawyers. For example, we will discuss about some practical aspects of consents, cookies policies and processing of personal data on marketing purposes. We would like to also talk with participants about their questions and day-to-day experiences with GDPR.

Ján Lazur, Taylor Wessing & Zoltán Nagy, Taylor Wessing

Workspace vs. Work Mindset Quiz

13:00 – 14:00 – REGISTER HERE

What people hate the most in their offices? How to be more productive? Why do we suffer in an office without plants? What will offices of the future look like? How does space shape the work we do – and essentially the quality of lives we live?

You will test your knowledge (or betting skills), and you will leave withpractical go-to tips & tricks on how to improve your workplace, well-beingand productivity.

Michal Matloň, User Experience Specialist, HB Reavis

When Dinosaur Met a Unicorn

14:30 – 15:30 – REGISTER HERE

There is so much buzz out there about creating a start-up culture in the more traditional businesses. Everybody wants it, everybody talks about it. But is it even possible? What are the key areas to tackle to be more innovative? And what can start-ups learn from big organizations as they grow? In this interactive workshop, we will address the key elements and trigger ideas on how to proceed with the change in your organizations – no matter the size and industry.

Eva Nedelková, Founder, Digileaders, Managing Partner, MissionC

Andrea Orsag, Managing Partner, MissionC

Creating a Self-managed Team

16:00 – 17:00 – REGISTER HERE

An interactive workshop based on the real story of Maxman Consultants, a self-managed company that eradicated traditional managerial hierarchies for good.

Get inspired by real lessons learned from an organization that dared to implement salary transparency and believes its people will do a great job without being constantly supervised. Find out more about what it takes to create a functioning team that is able to manage itself and what mistakes to avoid.