FTRNW Conference

November 21

FTRNW Conference Main Stage

Innovation ideas work only when shared!

Join industry leaders, inspirational speakers and future shapers on the main stage sharing their opinions about the Future of Human Existence.

FTRNW Conference Deep Talks

The world of tech needs to be explored into every nano-detail!

This year we will deep dive into the core of innovation. Exclusively with top-notch speakers from the main stage yet in a small community of tech enthusiasts with a limited capacity only.

FTRNW Awards Grand Finale

Cherry on top! Oscars for early-stage startups! ex-StartupAwards!

FTRNW Awards goes by many names but one thing’s for sure – you could be the one sitting in the first row watching the next unicorn to be born. Do not miss the Finale of TOP 6 startups from CEE!

“I had to break up a family holiday in Venice and it took a boat, a bus, a flight and two cars to get to the event via Vienna and I don't regret a single moment of it. It was a fantastic event, high-level networking, a huge knowledge curve for me, especially AI, and the organisation was first-class. If I'm invited back next year, I'll be the first person to sign up. Fabulous event." - Monty Munford | Renowned tech journalist, Forbes, Mob76 Outlook


The unique opportunity to meet a six-pack of carefully chosen early-stage startups from Central Europe looking for investment, all in one place. Join the region’s top angel and VC investors in search for interesting investment opportunities at FTRNW Conference & Awards, sharing your experiences with young entrepreneurs and showcasing your company’s innovation.

Students & Academia

Academia may have a rigid image, but our goal is to provide all members of the innovation ecosystem with practical learning opportunities and new network connections. This includes you, students and professors! Be curious about the world of tech, innovation and future!

FutureNow is a unique opportunity to meet inspirational young entrepreneurs and knowledgeable members of the business community – talk to them, learn about their failures and successes. Join us to learn something new, to get inspired and help better shape your future educational and business paths!


Final pitching representing TOP 6 startups from CEE will take place at the main stage during Awards Ceremony. will be pitching on the stage during the conference.

NGO & Public Sector

Innovation in NGOs, municipalities and public sector is as much needed as in corporations. Why? Because quality of our lives will advance only when everybody is on board. It’s not enough to read about the latest trends, one has to see it & hear it to eventually believe it. Innovative ideas are only worth it when being shared. Meet some of the brightest minds on November 21st. Get your ticket for a friendly price now.



Gaining access to new business networks and partnerships in Central Europe has never been easier. Meet young innovative minds & key policy makers while gaining new industry insight and exploring progressive solutions for your business needs. Help us shape the innovative ecosystem in Central Europe.

Let’s hit the sweet spot between serious business and serious fun. Together, now.


While the digital influence on our lives grows stronger by the minute, the need to connect with people face to face and establish meaningful, actionable connections is just as strong. We want to make establishing those connections as easy for you as possible – how?

This year, you will be able to seamlessly matchmake with attendees at the FutureNow conference through our event application, allowing you to book meetings with them in advance and best of all, have those meetings on site in specially dedicated zones.


General business overview & deep tech talks at the same time!

What will it look like? Cool gadgets and displays from our partners, inspiring business talks, dynamic discussions and getting hands on in our workshops. We want to you to feel engaged and make your brain go buzzing!