FTRNW Awards startup finalist got selected!

FTRNW Bootcamp jury used 2 wild cards. Therefore, not 6 but 8 startups got selected at FTRNW Bootcamp to pitch at the FTRNW Awards Grand Finale 2019. Who’s going to win Oscars for early-stage startups for CEE? Find it out at FTRNW Conference on November 21st!

TOP 8 startups coming from FTRNW Bootcamp

Insignes Labs (PL)

Novel and safe antimicrobial components for different materials.

Insignes Labs designs effective, smart antimould, antibacterial additive for plastics, paints, coatings, resins, latex and nitrile films and plant protection products in order to make safer and cleaner environment. Their innovative additive can be applied in a wide range of industrial, commercial products providing antimicrobial functionality and extending service life.

MotionLab (CZ)

An innovative platform for agencies and video-creators

MotionLab is a platform helps enterprises and digital & creative agencies to drive revenue, save costs and increase customer loyalty through personalised video experience. It removes gap between professional video production and deep personalization in form of easy to use platform enabling video-creators and agencies to produce professional personalized videos in scale.

Nitroterra Technology (SK)

Aims to revolutionise the use of bio-fertilisers in the farming industry

Nitroterra is a biotechnology startup aiming to deliver effective microorganisms-based biofertilizers (EM) to farmers to ensure healthy soil, clean water and sustainable yields. Their know-how in mixing various strains allows us to adjust them to particular climate, soil condition and crop requirements.

Archee (SK)

The Disruption in Wind and Hydro Energy Harvesting

Archee is an innovative wind energy harvesting device. They were searching for wind turbine that would fit the landscape and could not find one, so they decided to design it ourselves. Therefore the SPEAR was developed, to harvest energy from rivers and wind, in environmentally friendly way.

UXtweak (SK)

Comprehensive UX research platform

UXtweak is a unique software platform which allows UX testing online in a manner that it is in UX lab. Their online tools cover the entire web development lifecycle, from creating information architecture, through sketches and prototypes to live web testing.

HeatVentors (HU)

Offers innovative heat energy storage to save energy and space

HeatVentors offfers innovative thermal energy storage with phase change materials (PCM). With their storages it is possible to save huge amount of cooling energy and reduce the CO2 emission of office buildings, hotels, data centers, telecommunication sites with a short ROI.

FerretVideo (PL)

Interactive videos that increase sales, ctr & vtr

FerretVideo is a service of a native advertisements in video or real-time stream. The service analyzes content of the video using neural networks and computer vision tech. Using this, the tags are added with information to the elements in the video, offering users to perform simple tasks while they watch the video.


Sustainable period-proof underwear

Snuggs developed period-absorbent underwear which replaces period pads or tampons. Created an absorbent layer that is set to be one of the best on the market and which was developed in laboratories of the university. They involved textile engineers and have used patented high-performance materials from day one.