FutureNow Startup Awards Semifinalists


Agrobotix is creating an innovative robot machine, for growing organic vegetables, which will be able to do 95% of the farmers work from preparing the soil, spading, planting, manuring, watering and tearing.


Alumined roof box is a combination of uncompromising design, durability, safety, ease of use and quiet operation which can only be dreamed of with plastic roof boxes.

Bank Foundry

Bank Foundry give businesses with recognizable and established consumer or retail brands the power to provide financial and open banking services for their existing customers or employees using our own cloud-based app, mobile app and customizable payment cards.


Behavera develops online simulation game, that can assess peoples’ soft skills based on their behavior in the simulation.


ContracTool is a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, primary focus of which is to help companies streamline, improve and automate their contract management process resulting in lower opex, decreased risk exposure and increased revenue, and secondly a platform that shall transform antiquated contracts industry using AI, machine learning and smart contracts into fully autonomous environment.

Flex TV 

Flex TV streams addictive at-home live and on-demand HIIT classes while using an Apple Watch to count reps in real-time and gamify the experience.


Fleximodo Technology platform that uses data transmission via IoT networks to solve parking difficulties. It consists of a smart parking vehicle detector that reliably tracks parking occupancy in particular slots and a permit card that validates parking through a cloud-based server smart parking application.


GCR makes sure that every patient decision can start with transparent, trusted data first.  GCR, all the world’s medical facilities rated with 1-5 score, so that in 60 seconds, you can choose which clinic will give you the best-expected level of quality & medical success.


Glycanostics is developing a diagnostic kit for clinical labs, as well as home tests, to start a new era of early stage prostate and breast cancer diagnostics, much more reliable and cheaper compared to what´s currently a gold standard.


Ernest is an automated financial advisory—a platform for enabling behavior change.

Dream Job

Dream Job is a global job searching platform for disabled people.


Innobie offers a digital and modern solution for education. With AR technology it redounds experience-based learning process.


JAASPER offers consumers an easy and affordable access to professional legal advice.


[n]fibrecare is the first dry sheet nanofiber mask in the world. It´s an European alternative to a Korean flagship product focusing on both advanced technology and a unique user experience.


Rentier.io a smart tool for real estate investors where instead of spending hours analyzing which real estate offer is the best for an investor, the user can easily check any offer on Rentier platform receiving a quick calculation of potential revenue as well as instant cashflow forecast with ratios such as ROI, ROE and IRR – these indicators allow easy comparison of various market offers and choice of the most profitable one.

Secret City Trails

Secret City Trails is a marketplace for self-guided city discovery games via a web app. During our games people solve a trail of riddles. Along with each riddle, they unlock stories about the sights and area they are in as well as (secret) recommendations to hidden gems and wonderful cafes and bars. We promote cultural heritage as well as local and independent businesses.

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror combines design and technology to help people save their time by showing necessary information such as time, weather, calendar, and news. SmartMirror helps B2B clients by collecting data, showing their products and make marketing easier and reachable.


Songoroo is a unique solution bringing to public music tailored to taste of people present at certain moment in certain place.

Specter Hockey

Specter Hockey, aims to revolutionize hockey tape used by professional and amateur hockey players all around the world by introducing SPECTER HOCKEY TAPE, an innovative product that we have developed with Zdeno Chara, captain of the Boston Bruins.


Sundose is a healthcare technology company dedicated to simplifying consumer health, starting with a 100% customized supplement.


Taskrookie is a marketplace that intelligently networks the supply and demand of customers and service providers. As a result, they offer service companies an unprecedented opportunity to acquire new customers and outsource their entire administrative effort to one platform. Also, private & business customers can all deliver their services on one platform.


YesElf helps people to gain digital skills in visual and very easy and simple way, break any obstacles in moving forward within company. YesElf software platform provide seamless experiences across all web applications and enterprise softwares (like ERP, CRM or HCM) without any additional personal training or support.