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The pandemic has brought us back to our core. To ourselves. To our purpose. Since 2011, we’ve been working hard to become a platform that fosters innovation across CEE by building connections with key entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, corporates, governments, NGOs, and academia. This year, we have decided to turn the challenges posed by COVID-19 into an opportunity by creating a digital bootcamp that can support the growth of the best early-stage startups in the region from the comfort of their homes. Why? Because, despite the circumstances, we’ll continue to build the future, today. And so will the startups. So, join our vibrant and fully digital bootcamp now.

The program in more detail

Key dates:

The program will run between 23 November – 11 December 2020.

You have until 9 November to apply.

Shortlisted companies will be contacted by 16 November 2020.

Three-week program

Each week, the shortlisted companies will have access to an interesting and cutting edge program: inspirational Mondays, deep-dive Wednesdays, and mentoring Fridays. Let’s investigate them in more detail

Inspirational Mondays - learn from the specialists

Each Monday, a world renowned specialist from across the globe will deliver an in-depth workshop about fundraising, product-market fit, and expansion. The conversation will be digitally moderated in order to answer as many questions as possible on the selected topic of the day. These sessions will be available only to the selected startups, but snippets of those will be shared after the program for the wider community to consume.

Wednesdays - let’s move beyond your pitch and deep-dive into your business

Each Wednesday, we’ll bring together two seasoned founders and one investor to deep- dive into the shortlisted companies’ businesses. Each startup will be grilled during these sessions as the expert panel aims to expose potential gaps in your business while helping you to consolidate your unique selling points.

Why such ‘torture’, you ask? Well, we believe that open office hours are an incredibly beneficial tool to spot common issues while creating a precedent for participating companies, VCs, and partners alike. Let’s learn from each other and grow together. 

Fridays - 1-on- 1 mentoring

The heat is on. Let’s swipe you to the right with industry experts!
Private 1-on-1 mentoring sessions will take place each Friday. The program is designed to provide the best and most suitable support for the growth of each company. These sessions are strictly private and are open to shortlisted companies only.

What happens after?

This year, we have decided to reward all the shortlisted companies with a series of benefits:

● Access and exposure to the best mentors and investors in the region
● Physical and digital access for 3 months to your local HubHub
● Virtual goody bag (extra digital consultation and support provided by our partners)

What if I am not selected? Well, this year, we even plan to support the companies that didn’t make the cut. Depending on your sector, we will link you up with specialist investors and corporates that might provide just the help you were looking for. The only thing you need to do is to

Apply now

Our story


The first startup competition in Slovakia that supported the development of the startup ecosystem by showcasing the most innovative companies in the country.


The first “Oscars” for early-stage Slovak startups was created and it quickly became one of the biggest tech events in the country.


Building from the previous years, FTRNW became the platform where startups, innovators, and tech enthusiasts from across the Central European region gathered to be inspired and collaborate. The FTRNW conference became one of the most successful events in the region.


The FTRNW Conference welcomed more than 1000 attendees from across the CEE region. Prior to the event, we curated regional rounds for startups in HubHub Warsaw, HubHub Prague, and HubHub Budapest to attract an even higher number of local innovators from these countries to FTRNW.


This year, FTRNW is launching a digital bootcamp to support the growth of early-stage startups across CEE, from the comfort of their homes. Bigger, wider and fully online.

FTRNW helps to showcase and connect the best early-stage startups across Central Europe with the best mentors, investors, and corporations. In 2019, we attracted 150 applications from 12 countries. We activated a cross-country collaboration thanks to the support of our local HubHubs. 25 startups made it to the final program. This year, join us for the new fully digital bootcamp and give your startup the exposure it requires. Good luck.