Startups 2020

We have selected 9 early-stage startups from different corners of Central and Eastern Europe that will be supported by a great line up of speakers and mentors.

Stacktape (Slovakia)

Stacktape is a cloud-native development framework. It allows common developers to make efficient use of cloud computing providers by removing all the complexity. Companies no longer need to hire hard-to-find and very expensive cloud and infrastructure experts.

Agevolt (Slovakia)

Agevolt is here with a financially viable and energy sustainable solution so that Electric Vehicles can be charged whenever they are not used. They bring a simple and affordable solution for building, proving an IKEA-style charging infrastructure for every owner of a parking space without increasing the monthly fees. AgeVolt wants to create an Airbnb for the world of electromobility

Powerex (Slovakia)

Powerex and its flagship product, Virtual Power Plant, enables real time access to the energy market for the customers connected to our platform. It acts on its customer behalf as an energy broker and aggregator. PowereX reduces energy imbalance in the grid, optimises customer portfolio and energy consumption, optimal dispatch of electricity we are active on electricity markets and ancillary services markets.

Undout (Czech)

Undout is rebuilding humanity’s sleep with tech tools, community & education. Undout is a minimalistic wooden alarm clock that uses lights and sounds to aid you falling asleep and waking up in the most natural way possible. It is improving people’s health, energy, sleeping habits and productivity. The only device you need in your bedroom & the healthiest electronic alarm clock on the market.

StreamBee (Czech)

StreamBee builds tools & analytics for streamers & influencer marketing. It provides personalised analytics and business intelligence to individual streamers and for influencer marketing campaigns. StreamBee is bringing easy to understand data specific to their channel that will allow them to optimize their online presence and support the growth of their online business.

Pointee (Czech)

Pointee is an autonomous data-driven tool that continuously evaluates the performance of key processes and recommends the most impactful steps to increase productivity. Process owners don’t have tangible information about what can be improved in their process and their impact on productivity. Also, they don’t have time to use complex tools or process consultancy. Pointee comes here to solve all of that.

Renderro (Poland)

Renderro helps filmmakers, animators and graphic designers to create their works. We make high computing power, specialized software and a great amount of storage, that is necessary for their projects, easily accessible from any basic personal device, such as laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone

BioMinds (Poland)

BioMinds creates a unique rehabilitation system operating in augmented and virtual reality based on many years of work and assumptions, as well as research conducted by specialists. It is a unique form and system of remote rehabilitation which provides a new and more effective way forneurological rehabilitation. Currently there is a severe lack of access to rehabilitation specialists and services and there is no good system for rehabilitation which solves current problems.

Ecolyze (Hungary)

Ecolyze is a plug-n-play SaaS platform which enables SMEs to go green by measuring and reducing their emissions. Businesses need to prove their green credentials to business partners, consumers and employees by reducing their environmental footprint and reaching net-zero. Whilst SMEs generate 70% of corporate emission, they don’t know how to reduce it and certify their results.