Tim Rowe

More about Tim

Why did we invite him? Tim is the Founder and CEO of Cambridge Innovation Center. CIC is a really impressive place: in a nutshell, it operates the world’s largest facility dedicated to housing startups. It has served over 3,000 startup and technology companies, including Hubspot, Uber, Pandora, Square, Google/Android, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Tim has been named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and CIC itself has won numerous awards, including Boston Magazine’s “Best Place to Work” award.

What will he talk about? Tim has an amazing story of an incubator that completely tanked only to become a thriving and unique coworking space with several locations around the world – CIC. He will illustrate how his communities, working side by side, create priceless value (and fun): you just need to „mix“ the right people!

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