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Is your password strong enough to fight the bad guys from cyberwar?

What if you could have personal bodyguard who is ready to push aside any attempt of hackers stealing your data? Could AI be that bodyguard? Security systems are not that secure at all. Luckily, cybersecurity guru Ron Moritz is coming to FTRNW Conference to tell you how future of cybersecurity in the age of AI looks like. If you are dying to know how cybercriminals leverage AI or how can individuals and companies protect themselves in the era of digital surveillance get your ticket now. But before buying it online, make sure you’re not using the same old “birthdate” password across all your devices…


Ron Moritz is a well-regarded cybersecurity industry executive with over 30 years of broad operational, strategy and P&L experience. He served as a member of the distinguished corporate or cybersecurity business unit leadership teams at premier Fortune 500 technology companies Microsoft, Symantec, and CA Technologies, and as CTO of Finjan Software, a first-generation advanced persistent threat start-up, known today as Singtel’s Secure Web Gateway. Most recently, Ron was the CEO of Israeli start-up, BioCatch, an innovator in cognitive biometrics and continuous authentication. 

Having served as an adviser to C-level execs, boards of directors, VCs and PE firms on value-creation activities, Ron launched TrueBit Cyber Partners to provide truth, clarity and confidence in cybersecurity investments and acquisitions. He is also a venture partner responsible for the enterprise infrastructure software and cybersecurity desk with Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding firm OurCrowd and is an EIR with CyRise, Australia’s only cybersecurity accelerator. 





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