Pavel Kordík

More about Pavel

Why did we invite him?

Ever wonder how Netflix knows which movies are exactly your taste, and why do you seem to be reading the same kind of articles over and over? Pavel does understand the process perfectly. As an expert on artificial intelligence and machine learning, he co-founded Recombee, a company providing recommender systems as service to more than 250 companies worldwide. He also shares his vast knowledge at Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague as an associate professor and vice-dean for collaboration with industry. In 2017, he co-founded UNICO.AI with a vision of transforming how universities and companies collaborate using a platform combining big data and artificial intelligence with human expertise.

What will he talk about?

Pavel will be a very valued voice in a panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He has tons of fascinating insights on how these topics influence everything from gaming, shopping, entertainment to spreading of information and a lot more – a huge part of our everyday life. You will get to ask him your questions and among other things, you will find out how all the recommendations you get online influence your decisions. When how do they help and when do they cause damage?

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