Pablo Vidarte

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Chief Executive Officer at Arkyne Technologies

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Topic: Sustainability

Atom, wind, water, sun… plants! What? Yup, electricity based on photosynthesis is not sci-fi anymore. Mixing up technology and nature, Pablo Vidarte thinks we are on the verge of the 5th technological revolution. To what extent is it going to disrupt urban life and agriculture?


Currently Chief Executive Officer at Arkyne Technologies. Inventor and developer of Bioo, Arkyne’s leading project for the generation of electricity from plants’ photosynthesis. His areas of work include business management, engineering and electronics.  

Other projects involve the development of geo-localization tracking hardwares, evolutionary artificial intelligence softwares and systems for the organic generation of hydrogen in rivers for clean fuel applications. 

Listee in the Forbes Under 30 Europe list at the age of 20. Figuring in the Astana International Expo of 2017. Awarded by the Scientific Park of Madrid, listed in the top 50 of the most innovative startups of Europe by the European Parliament, and recognized by Google and South Summit 2016 with the tittle of Most Disruptive Company of the Year and the first price in Energy and Industry. Adds up to more than 9 internationally renowned awards in London, Austria, Bucharest, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Brussels amongst others.  

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