Otto Fabri

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Principal Engineer at Faraday Future, ex-designer at Tesla Motors

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Topic: Future of E-mobility

4 wheels. That’s the only resemblance future cars will have to the ones we drive today. Autonomous cars is not a concept. It is a path we’re already on. If e-mobility is the future of transport, how will it affect the way we move around the cities and urban structures? Which fundamental challenges are lying ahead of city planners and transport engineers? Otto Fabri is coming all the way from Californian epicentre of e-mobility to FTRNW Conference to share his ideas on the future of transport backed-up by experience gained at Tesla and Faraday Future.


Otto Fabri is an industrial designer, currently working as Principal Engineer at Faraday Future, a US start-up focused on the development of electric vehicles based in California. Prior to this experience, Otto was designing cars for Skoda, Mexican Volkswagen where he was developing its hybrid Jetta, BMW and Tesla where he was as Design Engineer responsible for the interior design of Tesla’s Model S and Model X. Besides cars, he is passionate about acrobatic planes – that is why he made sure he got a license as well.

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