Olli Vallo

More about Olli

Why did we invite him?

Olli will visit us from Finland, where he used to teach within the best education system in the world. Frustrated with the quality of digital learning products, he wanted to make sure teachers and learners all around the world have the best possible tools. This resulted in Kokoa Agency, where he evaluates learning solutions and looks at them from both pedagogical and learning engagement perspective. Validation criteria is based on 21st century skills and Finnish understanding of efficient learning. This way, he both helps developers to build great products and provides a reliable navigation for teachers.


What will he talk about?

Olli is one of the edtechies joining a panel discussion on technology influencing the future of learning, education and schools. He will explore whether schools of future are needed in physical form and whether EdTech makes teachers’ and students’ lives easier or harder. He will also explain how to guarantee that everyone receives a quality education when new pedagogies are revolutionizing teaching and learning practices.

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