Nat Ware

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Founder and CEO of Forte

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Topic: Future of Work

New technologies hold immense promise, yet they are also seen as a pitfall. Everybody seems to be worried about one thing: “Will AI replace human jobs?How will the labour market transform?” Nat Ware is coming to Bratislava to share his thoughts on how to prevent the negative impact of innovation and adaption of new technologies. Don’t miss an incredible chance to hear his ideas firsthand. Secure your spot and join Nat on November 21st.


Dr. Nat Ware is the Founder and CEO of Forte, a ground-breaking way to finance reskilling at no cost to governments or individuals, and without needing any kind of philanthropy. Forte can, for example, retrain automotive industry workers who are losing their jobs due to technological advances. Nat is also the Founder of 180 Degrees Consulting, the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises with 140 branches across 35 countries and over 4 million hours of services provided. 

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