Michal Matloň

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Architecture Psychology & User Experience at HB Reavis

Facilitator of a FireSide Chat with Markus Peschel


“We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.”

Winston Churchill mused about that 70 years ago. Years after, we have data from psychologists and cognitive scientists proving he was right. So what should a building designed for success look like? Michal Matloň will have a discussion with Markus Peschl about neuroscience and its effect on human productivity. Join the fireside chat with two men who listen to brain cravings when advising on workspace designs.


Michal specializes in user experience and psychology of architecture. Having studied applied psychology, he’s exploring how built environment affects our thinking, feeling and behavior. He contributes to creation of spaces enabling people to be more healthy, satisfied and productive. Michal uses his passion for public speaking and writing to spread awareness of these topics. In the past, he also worked in the fields of technology, journalism, photography and marketing, creating a pool of multidisciplinary knowledge he uses today.

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