Kriti Sharma

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Why did we invite her?

Why did Kriti Sharma build a gender-neutral AI assistant named Pegg? Just watch her TEDx talk and you will realize that when seeking help in the virtual world, you are mostly giving orders to obedient females named Alexa, Kortana or Siri. Kriti’s mission is to make sure that technology we build will not perpetuate the biases already deeply rooted in humanity, but on the contrary, it will make the world a fairer place.

Her journey included building a robot at the age of 15 home in India to building AI technologies to solve global issues ever since, from productivity to education to domestic violence. At her young age, she is already the VP of Artificial Intelligence at Sage, one of the UK’s largest tech companies.

She was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for advancements in AI and was included in the Recode 100 list of key influencers in technology in 2017. Among many of her other achievements, she was invited as a Civic Leader by the Obama Foundation Summit for her work in ethical technology. Earlier this year, Kriti spearheaded the launch of the Sage Future Makers Lab, a forum that will equip young people around the world with hands-on learning for entering a career in Artificial Intelligence. She was recently appointed a UN Young Leader by the United Nations at the General Assembly.

What will she talk about?

At FutureNow, she will demonstrate that artificial intelligence is only as good as humanity. That can be a scary thought considering how biased and flawed people are, but Kriti does have a solution. She will also open your eyes regarding entrepreneurial opportunities in AI.

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