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Fake news are turning into weapon. How can we protect our bains?

How are fake news warriors debunking misleading information when we are blind to see the truth? Social media platforms have a great power to influence public opinion, and are being misused to undermine democracy and spread extremist views. What are the challenges and opportunities for data-based, quality journalism in the age of fake news? If you believe journalism still does matter save the date: November 21st! Actually, how many times will you have an opportunity to listen to a man who’s currently working on impeachment of Donald Trump?


Jon’s investigative work has twice received national recognition by the  Society of Professional Journalists and he has degrees from Johns Hopkins University, Syracuse University and Harvard University. Currently he is a a senior correspondent with PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking news service working on impeachment of Donald Trump.

PolitiFact in a partnership with Facebook flags hundreds of fake claims each month. Recently they expanded into media literacy. Backed by Google, MediaWise has trained over 14,000 middle and high school students to spot infotrash as it moves through social media. Online, it has reached over 5 million with Instagram and YouTube views. 


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