Joel Hellermark

More about Joel

Why did we invite him?

Joel might be very young, but his journey so far is truly extraordinary. Over the past two years, his Sana Labs raised $2.5M in funding from some of Europe’s most prominent investors, managed to get noticed by people like Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook and their vision was featured on stages of Slush and TEDxStockholm.

The story of Sana started when a 13-year old boy named Joel taught himself to code in C. When he was 16, he founded his first company, developing a technology for video recommendations. While a senior in high school, Joel developed the algorithm that was the seed of today’s Sana Labs. Joel’s company specializes in artificial intelligence in education, and applies recent breakthroughs in deep learning to personalize what the student learns, what they’ve already mastered, and what works best for similar students.

What will he talk about?

„I believe AI has the potential to truly equalize education,“ says Joel, wo is working tirelessly to destroy the limits of impersonal online education which resulted in students disengaging and learning ineffectively. We will hear more about how Machine Learning is Transforming Human Learning on the main stage, while he will also join his fellow edtech experts in a discussion focused on future of learning.

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