Joanna Bryson

More about Joanna

Why did we invite her?

Professor Joanna Bryson is a force in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working hard to identify what’s the rightful place of robots in our world: I’m very worried about the fact that we can treat people like they are not people, but cute robots like they are people,” she said in her amazing AMA on Reddit.  She’s even been advising various governments (including the British and European), and she lent her expertise to institutions such as Red Cross, LEGO and OECD. She has degrees from University of Chicago, University of Edinburgh and MIT, and she is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath, and an affiliate of Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy.

What will she talk about?

Joanna will talk about responsibilities that come hand in hand with humanity building ever-improving synthetic intelligence. Technology is changing and with it, society, and Joanna will show us what we – programmers, companies, governments – and machines themselves need to do to make sure our life and collaboration with robots is ethical and we don’t excessively humanize them. “We have complete authorship. So my line isn’t “torture robots!” My line is “we are obliged to build robots we are not obliged to. You need to ask yourself — what are ethics for? What do they protect? We are used to applying ethics to stuff that we identify with, but people are getting WAY good at exploiting this and making us identify with things we don’t really have anything in common with at all.”

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