Deputy Prime Minister for Digitisation and Minister of Regional Development Ivan Bartoš

The Government of the Czech Republic

Ivan Bartoš has been the leader of Česká pirátská strana (the Czech Pirate Party) for many years and was one of its founders in 2009. He has been a member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic since autumn 2017, and also defended his mandate in 2021. He spent four years in the Chamber as chair of the Committee on Public Administration and Regional Development; in addition to this, he has also been involved in fields such as digitisation.

Ivan Bartoš was born in Jablonec nad Nisou in North Bohemia. At the age of seventeen, he went to study in the United States, where he passed his final examinations. He then also passed the Czech school-leaving examination at the U Balvanu Grammar School in his home town. When he was nineteen he started to study at two universities in Prague: theology at the Hussite Theological Faculty, and information and library studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. He eventually decided to focus more on information studies, in which he obtained a Ph.D. During his studies, he returned once again to the United States, where he completed one semester at the Department of Computer Science at the University of New Orleans.

His professional career has included several posts at Czech and multinational IT companies, such as Newton IT, Monster Worldwide, and T-Mobile; he also launched the employment portal Air Jobs.

He is married and has two children.


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