Hayley Sudbury

More about Hayley

Why did we invite her?

We can all agree that the number of women pursuing STEM education and careers is very poor in our region, and diversity & inclusion in general isn’t our strongest suit. That’s why we’ve invited Hayley to talk about „tech-enabled mentorship“. WERKIN actually enhances the visibility of diverse talent and transforms mentoring programs into effective sponsorship, while Hayley herself is a longtime mentor. We have no doubt she will be amazing: this is a woman named on OUTstanding FT’s 2017 Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives list, who was recognized as the individual champion of the We Are Tech Women’s Tech 50 Awards, and named by the 2018 Silicon Republic Women Invent Top 100 as a Workplace Advocate.

What will she talk about?

Hayley will explain how we can shape future of work by applying tech-enabled mentorship. She will show us how to raise the visibility of underrepresented talent in companies, how we can accelerate female talent into senior executive positions and how to become a diverse and inclusive organization with help of technology.

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