Eva Nedelková

More about Eva

Why did we invite her?

Eva is a ray of sunshine in human form who can do it all: she left her successful corporate career behind and founded two companies in the Netherlands, one focused on digital transformation (Digileaders) and another on circular economy (MissionC). She knows exactly how to leverage on the wave of digitalization to bring attention back to „the human” in organizations. “The digital age requires a brand new approach to defining strategy, culture, leadership, talent management and recruitment. The companies that recognize that have a fair chance to still be here in the next 10 years ;),” she says. Besides that, she is also a blog writer, guest lecturer at universities and a speaker. Altogether, a pretty holistic human being with a single mission to use the huge potential of technologies for a better world.

What will she talk about?

Eva believes in spreading her message of tech for good especially among her fellow millennial generation. One of her missions in Digileaders is to make sure that companies know how to keep the ‘digital people’ engaged: to understand what makes them motivated, how do they need to grow or how to reward them? Looking forward to picking her brain in a discussion on talent in tech! Moreover, she will deliver an interactive workshop that will explore synergies between start-ups and corporations and show them what can they learn from each other.

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