David Pavlík

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Chief Information Officer at Kiwi.com

Speaker at the Main Stage

Topic: Future of Mobility

How will emerging technologies change the way we travel in the next decade? Which will come first – mass adoption of autonomous cars or flying to Mars? What does the new mobility landscape mean for natural ecosystems & the way we work? So many questions to ask! Join us at FTRNW Conference on November 21st to get first-hand information from a man who was working for Elon Musk on colonizing Mars.


Any headhunter would be impressed by David’s CV. It’s filled with extensive experience from the world’s top tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, SpaceX and Kiwi.com.  After 12 years spent in the United States, David left Silicon Valley to join kiwi.com as Chief Information Officer. He is passionate about scaling companies by focusing on automation and technology. At kiwi.com, he’s on a mission to build a robust company through exponential growth


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