Christiaan Maats

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Brand & Product Designer

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Topic: Sustainability

Here’s an idea! Don’t throw your worn shoes away, plant them and let them bloom! Ready to take a leap into the future with the first 100% biodegradable shoes? To bring innovation into the world, you need to shift the perspective. Simple, but not easy. Christiaan will come to tell you how to approach it.


Christiaan Maats is a Dutch product designer and entrepreneur who created OAT Shoes, the world’s first 100% biodegradable shoes that bloom: after they’re worn down, plant them in the ground and they will turn into wildflowers. After 7 years of pioneering sustainable footwear, he now helps other entrepreneurs and businesses accelerate their sustainable innovation through co-creation, coaching and consulting services. He is currently a partner at open-innovation agency Noorderwind and Sustainability Director at DFNS care products.

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