Alice Piterova

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Scared of AI? What if we could use it for doing good?

Imagine tech saving thousands of people in need. Sci-fi? Reality! There is a vast amount of global challenges concerning social justice, education or health – how is the new tech helping us tackle them today and what will be possible in the near and far future? Alice knows the answer as she is the one who’s empowering people in need by using technology. Stop by at the session with Alice to learn how far we are from creating intelligent, scalable and ethical technologies improving and saving human lives. In case you are interested in building AI-driven organisations for social impact you should definitely get a ticket.


At AI for Good, Alice brings extensive policy, charity and technology experience to solve some of the global challenges using AI and human-centered design. As Data whatever they are on a mission to to help 100 million people by solving some of the toughest challenges facing humanity.

Besides that, she is currently the UK ambassador for Techfugees, the social entreprise coordinating the international tech community response to the needs of refugees.

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