Some people were born to be wild…others to be badass event marketers. You can be both at FutureNow!

Yay, we’re hiring! Keep on reading to find out WHO we are looking for and send us your CV if it’s a match!

Someone digitally focused.
No, you do not scroll social media mindlessly – and we know it. You absorb all the inspiration from different accounts, check out the competition, learn from them, set up your ads, feed internet with stories from the event and silently contemplate your best social media move. This is what you do when you’re staring at your phone!

Networker, connector & listener
It’s not who you know but who knows YOU! FutureTuesdays is about meeting new people every week. It is also the time when a marketing specialist needs to leave digital paradise behind and mingle with real people in an analog world. Again: real people, analog world. Tough, we know. But with a help of FutureNow team you’ll be ready to write a guide to networking and expand the list of your contacts in a minute. No worries.

Visual person
If you know how to open and close photoshop, you’re going to need to know a little bit more. FutureTuesdays will rely on your visual support, your judging eye when it comes to mixing colours, writing headlines, designing Facebook covers. Simply, you’re going to be the one in charge of shifting RGB to CMYK when needed. After all, you know it is not a rocket science, right?

Flexible team player
It does not really matter if you are a marketing specialist, global head, fundraiser or a conference manager. Every Tuesday we come to HubHub event space and share roles as a team – some of us pretend to be bartenders and pour wine & beer to our guests, others become technicians and try to rule every techie thing in the space and there is always someone welcoming people (well, usually the one in the best mood) making sure everyone is registered. We change roles so everyone can learn something new but there is one thing you can be sure about – all of us set up the space and move the chairs. This is how we do it in FutureNow team.

Someone we can take a selfie with after a well-organised event.
Yes, we want to share with you all of our precious moments – wether it is a post-euphoria after organising FutureNow Conference or having an average breakfast. You’re going to be an inevitable part of our FutureNow team, one of us …so get ready for selfies.

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