Péter Halácsy

More about Péter

Why did we invite him?

Peter is the father of beloved Prezi technology, which he co-built to become a global phenomenon. As he explained during his TEDx talk, the idea behind the wildly popular presentation software was “slightly crazy”. After all, the company was launched from a Budapest flat during the financial crisis by three men who didn’t have much experience building companies and weren’t particularly keen on becoming entrepreneurs: they just dreamed about building a product they believed in. Fast forward to today, Prezi was used by the Clinton Foundation, Lufthansa, IBM, and The Independent, and is a staple at both SXSW and TED.

After his time in Prezi, Peter has co-founded several social organizations. Bridge Budapest aims at boosting the startup community as well as shaping the IT scene in Hungary by showcasing great examples for building global, successful companies. The Hero’s Square initiative strives to eliminate indifference in Hungary by encouraging everyone to stand up and act for others every day. Last but not least, he is the co-founder of Budapest School.org.


What will he talk about?

We will see two faces of Peter Halacsy on FutureNow: one as a successful entrepeneur and co-founder of Prezi, and another as an ex-startupist who has moved on to build Budapest School: a place that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity and a curious mind to make sure children are future-adaptive. He will explain how he pivoted from a startupist to someone trying to change the „bigger picture“, and will show you what a school ran like a startup by startupists could achieve. He’ll also tell you why winning or losing our startup competition won’t matter as much in five years ????

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