Jonas Kjellberg

More about Jonas

Why did we invite him?
Jonas’s story is connected to one name we all know very well: Skype. From the founding office of Skype, he was instrumental to beating the competition and generating 90 percent of their revenue stream by playing his favorite “zero game”. He will tell you more about what that means himself!

Besides his successful Skype career, Jonas is a much appreciated lecturer at Stanford University and Stockholm School of Economics, where he shares his lessons learned on entrepreneurship and creating a winning sales culture. He has significant experience in telco industry, he co-authored several books, and is a founder of Player:IO (sold to Yahoo) and chairman of the board of iCloud (sold to Apple). Jonas is currently a part of BCG Digital Ventures, where he invents, builds and invests in startups with the world’s most influential companies.

What will he talk about?

Jonas will give us his fascinating insights and personal experiences on companies that stand out and beat the competition that previously seemed unbeatable.  Always brutally and refreshingly honest, he will show you how to fail, get back up and build something that’s here to stay. He says: “First, the Internet changed how we did business; then, mobile changed how we interacted with each other. How can you prepare your business for the next disruption?”

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