Master of FTRNW Future

Janka has the reins of FTRNW in her hands. What’s her goal? Spread some future-proof tech vibe within CEE region while building innovative ecosystem block by block! Sounds tempting? Get in touch with her and find out how you can help as well.

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Golden Eye

How to create irresistible business opportunities while keeping an eye on FTRNW Conference? Ask Nadežda, our fundraising & partnerships’ queen. Get in touch with her so you could help build this madness together!

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Marketing Rockstar 

All things media & PR related! We want to help spread some tech & startup love – if you think you can help, whether as a media partner or collaborator, get in touch.

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Awards Shark

Whether you are an early-stage startup looking to compete in FTRNW Awards or a network partner that wants to spread some startup love, I’m all ears. Get in touch!

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Tuesdays Wizard 

Just like a magician pulls out rabbits out of his hat, Zuzana is packing us every single Tuesday with impressive content.  What’s her secret? Interesting content partners! Get in touch with Zuzana to join them as well.

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Tuesdays Catalyst 

We found a magical substance that speeds up FTRNW Tuesdays brand – his name is Peter and you should definitely contact him if you’d like to help him spreading the buzz around Tuesdays.

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