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FTRNW 2019 Wrap Up

It wouldn’t feel right jumping into 2020 before having a proper look back. Less than 8 months, a batch of driven mates and a pocket full of dreams. That’s how we started FTRNW season in 2019.


How to get the most out of FTRNW Conference 2019

Everyone’s talking sustainability. But are we living it? Well, at least here at FTRNW, we try hard. Today, we are inviting you to join us, taking the conference to a new level with our customized app. No leaflets, no cards, no additional trash.


FTRNW Conference 2019: What’s all the fuss about?

The thing is, FTRNW is not a tech geek event. It’s a conference about what’s almost here, knocking on the door. If you want to know what it is and how to get ready for the future and reap the benefits, this is your chance. Because the only way how not to fear the future is to shape it.


New vision, familiar love brand. Where is FTRNW headed in 2019?

“We want people to go on the edge of their professional comfort zone,” says Janka in her recent interview.


FTRNW Bootcamp is over so let us brag on you!

Startups are always at the centre of attention during FTRNW Bootcamp. However, there are few more people who helped us tremendously to make the whole FTRNW Bootcamp happen.


Let’s dig out the startup talent from CEE!

We joined forces with HubHub teams in Bratislava, Warsaw, Budapest and Prague to dig out startup talents that would prove they’re ready enough to join the competition of other TOP 20 innovative companies from CEE at FTRNW Bootcamp. Without further fuss, here are four semifinalists from FTRNW Regional Rounds proceeding to 3-day intense accelerator - FTRNW Bootcamp in October.


Looking for a full-stack event production specialist! Have you seen one?

Hiring again! We’re in a full swing with events - that’s why we need YOU!


Some people were born to be wild…others to be badass event marketers. You can be both at FutureNow!

Yay, we're hiring. FutureNow team is looking for a Marketing Specialist for a part-time position. Is that you?


Past Tuesday – Autism in Tech by Swiss Re

Report from our February event with partner Swiss Re Slovakia highlighting the role & inclusion of people with autism in the workforce


Autism in Tech

As hiring in the 21st century has become an increasingly important we are convinced that the upcoming event "Autism in Tech" created in a collaboration with Swiss Re is going to start a fruitful discussion about truly talented members of society that are affected by autism who are often looked down upon with prejudice & fear, yet thanks to their unique skill sets and personalities they have proven themselves globally to be perfectly suited for careers in all types of sectors, including IT.