Mary MacPherson

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Mary MacPherson is an executive with a background in corporate and nonprofit organizations, expertise in the role of entrepreneurship and early stage company formation and growth. During her business career, Ms. MacPherson worked in senior management roles at Apple Computer, MCI Telecommunications Corp., and Blackboard, Inc., as well as several smaller startups in the Washington area.

In 2004, Ms. MacPherson formed M2Works LLC, an independent consultancy. She has worked extensively in the Middle East and North Africa since 2006, facilitating the formation and growth of the MENA Businesswomen’s Network, a network of businesswomen’s organizations in 10 countries, providing technical assistance in the areas of governance, sustainability, member value, and program management.

She serves on the Boards of Directors of MindShare, the Slovak American Enterprise Fund, Slovak American Foundation (vice chair), and the Path Forward Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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