Looking for a full-stack event production specialist! Have you seen one?

Hiring again! We’re in a full swing with events – that’s why we need YOU!

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, events at FTRNW cannot be done by themselves. We need a full-stack Event Production Specialist! If you like what we do a FTRNW Tuesdays and think you can do it even better, send us your CV.

First things first – what is FTRNW Tuesdays?

FTRNW Tuesdays is a series of afterwork concept events – every single Tuesday from 5pm till 8pm (7.30 pm during the summer) we run several panel discussions, battles, workshops, one man shows at HubHub. The mission? Create a community of people who like to spend their afterwork time in a meaningful way, bring technologies and innovation closer to people, expand our network with new contacts and learn as much as possible while having a drink or two.

What is going to be your role?

Managing production. Event Production Specialist is a part-time position so we expect you to spend 20 hours a week with our team at specific times. During this time you’ll cover every bit of event organisation including content management and event flow, budgeting, logistics, management of speakers and on site operations as well.

Have a look at your future event production JD!

By joining FTRNW team you’ll become a part of a vibrant community of young professionals – we are creative, hardworking and we have a tendency to shoot for the moon instead of doing average things. Feels like you could fit in?

Oh and more thing – we like to be in shape at FTRNW so a bit of a manual workout will be waiting for you at the end of Tuesdays as well- but a setting up a space  never killed anybody, right?

Where will you work from?

Imagine a cool place packed with innovative business minds, startups and creative freelancers. Smart building, smart people, smart everything. Yes, that’s HubHub – coworking space at Twin City C with a homelike atmosphere. 

Our FTRNW Tuesdays are always done in HubHub’s event premises and let us tell you, we could not wish for a better space. Join FTRNW family and you’ll become a part of HubHub community as well.

Sounds tempting? Send your CV to Braňo, our HR guy, at branislav.beren@hbreavis.com


Fingers crossed,