How to Get To the Refinery Gallery

Bus & Taxi

The closest bus stop is called Refinery Gallery and it is serviced by bus number 70 and 87. It is located only 4 minutes from the entrance.

You can use one of taxi apps available in the area such as our partner taxi service HOPIN, which provides FutureNow attendees with a 5,- EUR discount code per ride. The code is FUTURENOW – please remember to enter the code before ordering the ride.


Car & Parking

Destination address is “Refinery Gallery, Vlčie hrdlo, 821 07 Bratislava”. Once there, look for FutureNow signs. Google link is here – https://goo.gl/maps/P37ZUPhymHs.


There are a 100 parking spots available on a first come, first serve basis. Other parking spots are available in neighboring streets, but these are not reserved. We thus recommend coming as soon as possible!

Traffic Jams Alert

Morning traffic in Bratislava is tricky – in other words, it sucks with up to 30 minute delays in the area. Please, consider this in order to make it to the first talk at 9.30. Be aware that there are very big traffic jams (30+ minute delays) around 6 PM, which is the time of Startup Awards finale.

General Info

Registration: How to Get In

  • The door opens at 8:30. You can register anytime throughout the day.
  • Don’t forget your ticket in electronic or printed form and your ID.
  • In case you have an incorrect name on your individual ticket, please inform our staff and we will edit the name on your badge in our tablets.
  • If you are an Executive Pass holder, please use the Executive Pass priority registration lane

Food & Drinks

Included in the ticket are:

  • coffee breaks throughout the day with a more traditional reception in the evening
  • soft drinks and filtered coffee, with beer and wine served after lunch

Paid Catering

From 11:30 till the end of the event, you can buy a variety of street food in food trucks parked outside the Refinery Gallery including:

  • Burgers
  • More traditional Slovak food such as goulash, pirohy and more!
  • All trucks accept card payments
  • …but you will need cash for coffee. Some businesses are more old school.

Once You’re in the Venue…

  • Signs will lead you everywhere: when you enter, the main stage is on the right and the startup stage on the left side
  • Please, use our app GOODEVENT to see the full program and to connect with other attendees
  • Once downloaded, log in and use the hashtag #futurenow2018
  • You can smoke outside. In case you have an Executive Pass, you can use the smoking terrace in the Executive area.


How to Get to the Afterparty

Thanks to our partnership with Slovak Lines, you can enjoy a ride in vintage Karosa buses straight to KC Dunaj, a cult Bratislava bar, where the afterparty takes place. The first one departs at 20:30, last one departs at 22:30 with buses ready every 15-20 minutes. The party usually lasts until early morning hours, so be ready ????

Remember to take out cash as KC Dunaj does not accept card payments.