FutureNow Conference – Future of Work

It was a no-brainer to choose Future of Work as one of the main themes of FutureNow Conference – honestly, it feels as our duty to discuss it in-depth! Why? Well, people are generally barely aware of the dramatic changes happening as we speak, with more waiting just around the corner. A vast majority of these shifts is connected to advances in technology that a lot of us don’t fully understand: automatisation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality…

Hand in hand with technology, people are changing too: our lives are becoming more global, we can work from anywhere, and we are more demanding than ever when it comes to fulfillment at work. Needless to say, creative and tech-savvy people are the hot stuff, which forces employers to constantly re-evaluate how to retain their talent.

Let’s take a look at people who are already playing the game and understand what will the workplace of future be.

JONAS KJELLBERG, Co-creator of Skype and investor at BCG Digital Ventures

Jonas is famous for his mindset of „innovating in zeros“ – he believes that companies keen to bring true disruption need to find a way to eliminate costs and obstacles in ways that others couldn’t even imagine. Just as he did in Skype, company which completely transformed the way we communicate.

He will explain the struggles, failures and revolutionary ideas that led to success: his lessons learned will certainly be useful especially for entrepreneurs. After all, Jonas walks the talk and he truly understands how product, sales and profitability interact in order to create successful business.

HAYLEY SUDBURY, Founder & CEO, Werkin

We can all agree that the number of women pursuing STEM education and careers is very poor in our region, and diversity & inclusion in general isn’t our strongest suit. That’s why we’ve invited Hayley to talk about „tech-enabled mentorship“. WERKIN actually enhances the visibility of diverse talent and transforms mentoring programs into effective sponsorship, while Hayley herself is a longtime mentor. We have no doubt she will be amazing: this is a woman named on OUTstanding FT’s 2017 Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives list, who was recognized as the individual champion of the We Are Tech Women’s Tech 50 Awards, and named by the 2018 Silicon Republic Women Invent Top 100 as a Workplace Advocate.

TIM ROWE, Founder & CEO, Cambridge Innovation Center

Under Tim’s leadership, CIC has grown into the world‘s largest facility dedicated to housing startups. More than unbelievable US $4B has been invested in companies that grew up at CIC, which the likes of Hubspot, Uber, Pandora, Square, Google/Android, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. That being said, Tim created a unique, massive, thriving innovation ecosystem, with amazing companies working side by side and taking the best from each other. He will share how we can do the same – and essentially nurture new thrilling workplaces in our region.

DAVID BIZER, Founder, TalentFountain

David is a legend in recruiting circles: he started his career at Netscape working with the team which essentially launched the internet to the masses. David was the first recruiter at Google in Europe, building out the organization from 100 to over 5000 employees in 7 years. Currently, he is helping startups throughout Europe to scale their human capital. He is just the guy we need to discuss the precious commodity which is technology talents: we will hear all about how to find them, retain them and please them!

EVA NEDELKOVA, Founder, Digileaders, Managing Partner, MissionC

Eva is a ray of sunshine in human form who can do it all: she left her successful corporate career behind and founded two companies in the Netherlands, one focused on digital transformation and another on circular economy. She knows exactly how to leverage on the wave of digitalization to bring attention back to „the human” in organizations. “The digital age requires a brand new approach to defining strategy, culture, leadership, talent management and recruitment. The companies that recognize that have a fair chance to still be here in the next 10 years ;),”she says. Looking forward to picking her brain in a discussion on talent in tech!

BHUVANA VIJAYAN, Engineering Lead, Zalando

Bhuvana is an Engineering Lead and former People Lead in Zalando. If you haven’t heard about them yet, you surely will very soon – this online retail company is spreading like wildfire! Bhuvana is an ultimate techie who came to Zalando from Google, and she will join our discussion on talent in tech. She has a very useful point of view of both a skilled employee and an experienced team leader, so she has more than a couple of clever insights and a well-rounded view on what it means to be a an employer / employee in the booming technology field.