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About the upcoming event

FTRNW together with HubHub Bratislava is bringing its first Regional Round of FTRNW Awards. Join us for a round of startup pitching to see who will make it straight to FTRNW Bootcamp. During the event we will also discuss what it takes to be a successful Slovak startup abroad as well.

17:00 - 20:00

FTRNW Tuesdays

We are kick starting a new era of exciting & educational afterwork experiences! Meet new people, refresh your brain and learn something new every Tuesday of the year at HubHub Twin City C!

Tired of meeting the same people at the same events? We feel you. Our mission at FTRNW is to put on 3-5 event sessions every single Tuesdays between 17:00 – 20:00 that all cater to various audiences.

ALL Tuesdays are for FREE. Where’s the catch? There is none! All we would love for you to do is register on site.

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Future Tuesdays

How to live sustainably?

What does it mean to live sustainably? We’ll talk at FTRNW Tuesday Vol. 31 about the fact that this term is much more than just waste separation. This means taking care of your health, mentally and physically, and living a conscious life with your daily behavior with minimal impact on the environment.