Topics 2019 - Future of Human Existence

New normal

New Normal Digital life will redefine and expand limitations and opportunities of our way of living. It will allow us faster and smarter prevention, diagnosis and cure of diseases. The way we work will change forever. Our response to the climate change will define the path for future generations and the planet. It's our responsibility and key priority to address this now. How do we make sure that the world to come will do more good than harm for all of us? Subtopics: o Future of Health o Future of Work o Eco-sustainability

Security Headache

With Internet increasingly permeating all aspects of our lives and society, the rise of cybercrime has been inevitable. Security and data breaches have been on the rise, affecting individuals, companies and states alike. Social media platforms are being used to spread misinformation and undermine democracy. How do we protect ourselves in the hackable world? Subtopics: o Data privacy & cybersecurity o Spread of misinformation

Technologies Everywhere

With boundaries of human creation being crossed every day by AI & machine learning, what used to be science fiction is now becoming reality. Hear from entrepreneurs, data scientists and academics in areas from automotive to biometry as they showcase how the new advances in tech accelerate progress in the world of business and wider society. Subtopics: o AI, machine learning & AR o Building innovation ecosystems

Speakers 2018

In 2018, these 25+ innovative minds gathered in Bratislava to spread wisdom about innovative entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned for this year’s lineup that is coming up soon.

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