All roads lead to ...FTRNW Bootcamp

FTRNW Awards is bridging the gap between startups and corporates looking for innovative solutions. Bootcamp is exactly the place where the cross-industry expertise and startup fusion is happening. Whether your are searching for your first customers or you want to kick start your fundraising efforts there’s no better place to make it happen than FTRNW Bootcamp. The bootcamp is about entrepreneurs sharing knowledge. Turns out that entrepreneurs face very similar problems when starting a business and its very helpful if they can reach out to their peers for advice.

3-day intense bootcamp giving TOP 25 startups unprecedented access to top business mentors and investors in the region

How to get to FTRNW Bootcamp?

Only 25 startups will make the cut to our intense 3-day accelerator taking place on October 24-26 at X-Bionic Sphere, a truly stunning location in Slovakia. To get selected you must fist apply for Bootcamp either through Regional Rounds or FTRNW Bootcamp application. Cherry on top? Six most innovative ones will get a privilege to pitch on stage at FTRNW Final happening at the end of November during FTRNW Conference.



Get ready for a round of intense group mentoring sessions. We will split founders into several mentoring groups based on market verticals and assign appropriate mentors to each group. Startups will pitch and receive immediate feedback. Group sessions focus on pitch structuring and message delivery. This often seems mundane to technical founders, but the product still needs to be marketed well in order to succeed. Thus, it is very important for startups to concisely and effectively communicate what their business and product is all about.

One on One

Each founder is free to choose from our roster of mentors packed with representatives of top VC funds, corporate leaders and experienced entrepreneurs. These sessions will be focused mainly on fine-tuning the value proposition, exploring business model possibilities and devising go-to-market strategies.

Get to finale or go home

D-Day for all those looking to get to the FTRNW finale! All 25 startups will be pitching throughout the day, with the jury selecting the top 6 startups at the end. These 6 early-stage startups will then be pitching their company or product on the stage during the FutureNow Conference in front of the thousands. Why? To persuade our international jury that they are the ones who have what it takes to make a difference. After the intense 3-day bootcamp and facing an audience of 1 200 tech & innovation minds, the 20K prize for the winning startup will be well earned.



Exceptional conditions for exceptional startups! The stunning venue X-Bionic Sphere resort was established on the basis of creating olympic conditions for anyone who likes to engage in sports, but also enjoys quality relaxation, gastronomy and meaningful leisure time. A truly stunning place where extraordinary ideas are born and new partnerships are closed.