FTRNW Bootcamp is over so let us brag on you!

FTRNW Bootcamp is over so let us brag on you – partners, startups, allies and friends – for a while.

It all started with a grant received from International Visegrad Fund allowing us to explore startup potential in neighbouring countries of V4 region. By joining forces with HubHub we were able to organise Regional Rounds for the very first time in Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw to dig out startup talent from local ecosystem – by the way all of the four winners from Regional Rounds made it through the selection process and proceeded to the Grand Finale. How cool is that?!

150 startups from CEE applied to participate at FTRNW Bootcamp, only 25 made it through the cut and TOP 8 of them are going to join us at the Grand Finale during FTRNW Conference. All of them deserve our huge respect. Congratulations to all participants and good luck Snuggs, HeatVentors, Insignes Lab, Motionlab, FerretVideo, Nitroterra Technology, Archee with project S.P.E.A.R. and UXtweak at the Grand Finale. We cannot wait who is going to win Oscars for early-stage startups on November 21st.

Investors, field experts and partners have always played crucial role at FTRNW Bootcamp while mentoring all the startups during group and individual sessions. Thank to you this intense 3-day accelerator is one of the most valuable “things” we could offer to not only Slovak startups but also those who are coming from abroad. Namely Jasmina Henniova, Marketa ChrzovaJaroslav TrojanBernat NacsaMaciej GnutekViktor MikulasekBoris ZelenyLadislav KossarMartin Joakim Flood HagueKristina TauchmannovaAndrej PetrusAdrian VycitalJano BuzaMichal JablonkaMartina KralovaLujza BubánováAndrej SalnerMarian PorvaznikMichal Satur from Tatra banka, Stanislav Kovalik from ZSE, Mary MacPherson from Slovak – American Foundation, Lucia Paskova from Curaprox, Michal Nespor from Crowdberry and representative from Slovak Business Agency – thank you for devoting your time to guide startups throughout this whole journey.

Huge thank you goes to the X-Bionic Sphere for hosting us again and again. The accommodation and service is beyond average and we always feel welcome at your amazing venue. Till next time! 

Last but not least, where would we be without our friends and allies from HubHub and Civitta Slovakia? The invisible ones who made FTRNW Bootcamp so visible to others.


Thank you everybody for making FTRNW Bootcamp 2019 happen. You are all welcome at FTRNW Conference. See you there. 🙌