Autism in Tech


Did you know that 1 in 100 children in Europe is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? There are not any publicly available statistics on the number of people with the ASD diagnosis in Slovakia. However, if we consider the fact that there is one person with an autism spectrum disorder per 100 inhabitants, we arrive at the number 54,297 using 2010 census data. The unemployment of autistic people in Slovakia is almost 100% and the opportunities for their personal growth are unfortunately quite limited as of now. That is why we feel an urge to open up a discussion about this important topic during our upcoming “Autism in Tech”event created in collaboration with our platinum partner Swiss Re. 

As hiring in the 21st century has become an increasingly important topic we are convinced that the upcoming event is going to start a fruitful discussion about truly talented members of society that are affected by autism but who are often looked down upon with prejudice & fear. Thanks to their unique skill sets and personalities they have proven themselves globally to be perfectly suited for careers in all types of sectors, including IT, so why not take inspiration from global examples and implement them locally?

Before we jump right into the thought – provoking discussion, let us introduce you to one of our panelists, Miroslav Grutka, Head of IT at Swiss Re Slovakia.

Mr. Grutka, could you please introduce yourself?

I have been working with Swiss Re for 12 years now in different IT departments. Right now my primary role is being an IT Community Manager and also representing our IT in our leadership team in Slovakia. I ensure the communication flow between different IT departments, their representation and making sure they work together well.

As one of the panelists discussing autism in tech, what is your opinion on this subject?

One of the core values in Swiss Re is embracing diversity and ensuring we have an inclusive culture. There are many kinds of diversity but one that is usually less prominent is neuro-diversity. When we learned about our colleagues in Zurich and London working together with company Auticon on employing people within the autism spectrum we got very excited and immediately thought about how we can bring this project to Slovakia & how we can open up this topic more widely.

What would you like to see as a result of the upcoming discussion?

Why does Swiss Re try to embrace diversity? 

Swiss Re’s motto is “We make the world more resilient” and I think diversity is actually one of the ways how to make the world more resilient. By integrating different opinions, values and people we make our products sophisticated and our strategies balanced. That’s why we think diversity is key to ensure that Swiss Re remains a successful company.

Is there any specific group of people you would like to see in the audience?

Because our cooperation with Auticon is specifically directed towards IT departments and tech type of jobs and I personally represent the IT field, we would like to specifically invite IT representatives from tech companies. However I definitely think this should be opened to anyone interested in employing autistic people.

If you missed the chance to save your spot at the “Autism in Tech” event and would like learn more about this important topic, stay tuned and we’ll bring you a wrap up soon!