Guillaume started his career with Goldman Sachs in Boston facilitating securities lending transactions. After a move to London, he spent three years with Kaiser Associate’s UK office leading engagements for various Fortune 500 companies, mainly in the healthcare and FMCG space. In 2014, he made the jump to Venture Capital initially with Athene Capital in London and since 2016, with Credo Ventures. Guillaume also has operational experience from taking a leave of absence and joining Credo’s portfolio company Pricefx in various corporate development, financial planning, and product management functions.

When he is not chasing talented founders around CEE, he can most likely be found in the mountains rock climbing, kite surfing on the lakes, or skiing up and down the magnificent landscapes. Boardgames are a bit of a favorite of his as well.

Guillaume has a Master’s from the LSE and an MBA from INSEAD.