19. 10. 2021

Introduce your startup to the strongest brands in the region

The biggest community of innovators in CEE naturally attracts powerful partners from across different industries. They are valuable to young startups who are eager to grow. In fact, they help with their resources to support the growth of the next generation of scale-ups. We, at HubHub, create the space for networking and connections that goes beyond our annual event.

This year, you’ll get a chance to expose your startup to your potential business partners within our hybrid FTRNW 2021: during the bootcamp, the FTRNW Startup Awards, and the partners’ tailored program in Q1 2022. This is how you can create impactful collaborations across and beyond Central Europe. Are you curious about who you can meet? Register to impress companies like Venture to Future Fund, Slovak Business agency, KIUUB, Leaf, Tatrabanka, Sparring, O2, and MIT – just to cite a few.

Expose your startup to your potential business partners.

Partners in (the right) time

Share your story with CEOs, company founders, or other important partners. The hybrid bootcamp gives you the right opportunity to shine in front of experts in their fields. Peep through the packed agenda, push your boundaries and join our mentors on Friday. Grab your chance (and your self-esteem, too) to introduce your startup to some of the most cutting-edge VC funds in the region.

Venture to Future Fund invests in Slovak companies with innovation in their DNA. They see the potential in startups that are becoming leaders in their field and with the potential to scale globally.  For example, nettle.ai  has received a million euros in investment thanks to their help. The small company, who was shortlisted during FTRNW 2018, develops conversational interfaces and tools with advanced intelligence and machine learning. Venture to Future Fund likes hi-tech industries, nevertheless, their focus is not limited to them. What counts the most is the innovation level.

Slovak Business Agency (SBA) is crucial and is the oldest specialized non-profit organization for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. The organization was founded in 1993 by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic among the others. SBA’s vision is to be the first choice for Slovak enterprises who want to start and develop their business.

Attorneys Schin & Majdúch provide their services in business, technology, and industry 4.0 in the age of digitalization and artificial intelligence. They like to help young startups with their legal issues and will run an interesting workshop in February to help you set up IT contracts for a variety of stakeholders.

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) is another organization established by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. SIEA raises awareness about energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and innovations in all fields of the economy. They provide expert consulting in mentioned areas, as well as they support research and innovative products and processes.

ReaktorX is a Polish company with the main mission – to help founders grow their businesses from the pre-seed level to become the best startup. The ReaktorX team members believe that an online pre-acceleration program is the best way to start the young business journey as an entrepreneur.

Sparring supports 100+ innovative companies facing legal & strategic challenges in their growth in CEE, US, and global markets. Their passions are law, business, and optimization.

Who else is waiting to help you?

FTRNW startup program cooperates with other companies that help young businesses. Our network partners are Leaf, Growni, Butterfly effect, MIT EF CEE, Startup Hungary, Sapie and many more.

We are also supported by a number of great VCs who will test your value proposition on Thursday 11 November,  where every startup will have a chance to introduce themselves.

Here are the VCs who will be there waiting for you on Thursday:

Jaroslav Ľupták – Neulogy Ventures

Peter Parragh – Oktogon Ventures

Michal Jablonka – Limerock

Guillaume Fournier – Credo Ventures

Bernart Nacsa – Day One

Matej Říha – Venture to Future Fund

Michal Nešpor – Crowdberry

Jaroslav Trojan – Nation1

Richárd Hidi – Hiventures

Slavo Tuleja – Zaka 

The last but not least, Zoltan Vardy, will deliver a captivating workshop during the bootcamp as well as a keynote during the Startup Awards. Zoltan is a Business Growth Mentor who helps B2B tech startups scale globally by applying a 9-step business development framework he created and named “The Launch Code”. You can meet Zoltan, who has 30-years of global corporate and entrepreneurial experience, in a unique experience during the bootcamp.

The list of our partners in our hybrid event goes on and on, we can’t miss others like British Embassies, Tatrabanka, Zaka, Sudolabs, Kiuub, and O2.


Eager to meet these strong brands, successful companies, and other valuable potential partners? Make sure to register FTRNW 2021 by 25 October 2021 and push your startup beyond borders. See you there!