18. 11. 2019

How to get the most out of FTRNW Conference 2019

Everyone’s talking sustainability. But are we living it? Well, at least here at FTRNW, we try hard. Today, we are inviting you to join us, taking the conference to a new level with our customized app. No leaflets, no cards, no additional trash.

Only a few days left and you still don’t have it? Time to download the FTRNW Conference app right away. iOS here, Android here!

Everyone’s talking sustainability. But are we living it? Well, at least here at FTRNW, we try hard. Today, we are inviting you to join us, taking the conference to a new level with our customized app. No leaflets, no cards, no additional trash.

Guys from the Czech startup ImpromptMe have agreed to face the challenge of customizing their solution specifically for the needs of the 2019 FTRNW Conference. And they’ve done a great job.

What’s more important, however – what does it mean for you?

Here’s a brief breakdown of how to use the app to get the most out of the 2019 FTRNW Conference.


1. Download and really use the app

We can’t stress this enough – the conference app can truly bring another dimension to your FTRNW experience. Be sure to download it in advance (again: iOS here, Android here), and check it out beforehand, to get familiar with it. That way, you’ll be ready for what’s coming to you on the day of reckoning, Thursday, November 21st, 2019.


2. Allow notifications

You know how the story of John goes. Morning registration, the first keynote followed by a panel discussion, first coffee break with networking. And all of a sudden, John realizes he missed half of the fireside chat with the one guest he yearned to see.

Don’t be like John. Turn the app notifications on and never miss a thing from the agenda.


3. Personalize the agenda

Yes, we’re aware. There will be many topics, speakers, discussions, and talks going on at the conference. Some of them are of a priority, others not so much. And don’t even get us started with all the people you want to meet.

There is a solution! Pick and choose and create your personal agenda in the app. And stick to it (yup, the aforementioned notifications will help a lot)!


4. Create your personal LinkedIn

Many conference attendees tend to stick to the one or two people they came with. Let’s change that!

Based on the type of ticket you purchased, you’ll have a chance to scan through basic information about other attendees and ask them for a short one-on-one networking session via the app. Or plainly approach anyone during the breaks and talk to them. It’s up to you.

Just follow the rule to get to know at least one new person and you’ll be good. Because that’s what conferences are all about, right?


5. Treat yourself well

Since we’re bringing in high-quality brain food, it’s going to be a bit more challenging for you tummy-wise. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll have plenty of snacks and coffee for the breaks. But for lunch, we encourage you to take a break and get lost in the Old Town of Bratislava.

Not sure where to grab a bite? Relax and rely on our tips. In the app, of course.


6. Ask questions

Really want to get the most out of the conference day? Ask the speakers the right questions! The most convenient way to do this? Slido!

Thanks to its integration with the conference app, you’ll have the option to ask questions with only a few clicks, without the need to download a plethora of other apps or search through your browser (and forget what you wanted to ask in the first place).


7. Floor plan

Partner zone? Bathroom? Networking area? Deep Talks? Even though the venue’s not that difficult to navigate through, it’s always a nice touch to have a small map at hand. Yup, as always, you’ll find that in the app.

Final rapid-fire tips & tricks

  • Don’t just download the conference app, fill in the relevant information, too.
  • You’ll see a different app interface and information, based on the type of ticket (eg VIPs will have to fill in the least amount of information, while they’ll be able to see most of them, with the option to filter, eg. based on the investment a startup is looking for).
  • Read the final email about the logistics: we know everyone’s all pumped up for the conference with no time to read technical information. Trust us, based on the previous years, it’s crucial.
  • Use the app to register for Deep Talks (if your type of ticket allows for it). We want to keep the atmosphere intimate, so the number of seats is limited.
  • So much information and knowledge can be overwhelming at times. It’s going to be a long day. We strongly advise you to use the lunch break to go out and catch a break! Like, really. It will help you digest all the soaked-in inspiration much better.

One final thought.

FTRNW is not an exclusive platform for startups and tech geeks.

It’s for everyone who is open to start exploring the future. Humanity is not going backward (though there are moments it might look like that). We are moving forward, accelerating almost every day.

Don’t dread it, become part of it, and let’s shape the future together!

(Third time’s the charm: iOS here, Android here!)


Author: Michal Tomek, Freelance writer