14. 09. 2021

FTRNW 2020 at a glance

Last year’s program went in a different form than previous years, but the track headed the same direction: Our mission is to grow and connect the biggest community of innovators across Central Europe.

We continued building the future brick by brick and shaping up our event with a new digital program designed to support the growth of the best early-stage startups.

New era, new ideas

Due to the challenges brought to the table by COVID_19, we decided to run a fully digital bootcamp. What’s more, we introduced a couple of fresh changes to the event that were meant to evolve FTRNW even further! One of the biggest steps: as the program wasn’t run as a competition, we didn’t select a winner.

Evolving FTRNW

We selected 9 finalists for the program and we rewarded them with a big bag full of a wide range of benefits. The program was held fully online and delivered in partnership with a digital agency Creative Pro, with whom we had designed the collaborative interface and who managed the production of the videos afterward. Mondays and Wednesdays were recorded, please take a while and enjoy the “showreel video”. Moreover, a series of spotlight videos were created for the selected companies and partners.

Benefits for finalists

  • Free space to access our local HubHub – physical space – plus access to the digital community: Jan – March 2021
  • Access to specialized investors and partners (tailored program delivered on behalf of the partners between Jan. – March 2021)
  • Virtual goody bag from sponsors

Best of the best – Top 9

The group of nine finalists is the finest selection of startups with the potential to create an impactful appearance in the business world. We are proud to introduce companies we supported.



Undout is a young Czech startup that has developed over 40 000 lines of code (both hardware and software) to improve the quality of sleep. The company has gone through a fast product development since joining FTRNW 2020 and it has now sold more than 100 Undout boxes in less than a year.



Renderro is one of the 2020 finalists. The technology is used by filmmakers, animators, and graphic designers like Alfie Vaughan to create their work through the cloud desktop.



is a cloud-native development framework. It allows common developers to make efficient use of cloud computing providers by abstracting away all of their complexity. Companies no longer need to hire hard-to-find and very expensive cloud and infrastructure experts.



is here with a financially viable and energy sustainable solution so that the EV can be charged whenever it is not used. They bring a simple and affordable solution for building IKEA-style charging infrastructure for every owner of a parking space without increasing the monthly fees. AgeVolt wants to create Airbnb in the world of electromobility.



builds Tools & Analytics for Streamers & Influencer Marketing, providing personalized analytics and business intelligence to individual streamers and for influencer marketing campaigns. StreamBee is bringing easy-to-understand data specific to their channel that will allow them to optimize their online presence and support the growth of their online business.



is an autonomous data-driven tool continuously evaluating the performance of key processes and recommending the most impactful steps to increase productivity. Process owners don’t have tangible information about what can be improved in their process and their impact on productivity. Also, they don’t have time to use complex tools or process consultancy. Pointee comes here to solve all of that.



and its flagship product, Virtual Power Plant, enables real-time access to the energy market for the customers connected to our platform. It acts on its customer’s behalf as an energy broker and aggregator. PowereX reduces energy imbalance in the grid, optimizes customer portfolio and energy consumption, optimal dispatch of electricity. We are active in the electricity markets and ancillary services markets.



is a plug-n-play SaaS platform that enables SMEs to go green by measuring and reducing their emission. Businesses need to prove their green credentials to business partners, consumers and employees by reducing their environmental footprint and reaching net-zero. Whilst SMEs generate 70% of corporate emissions, they don’t know how to reduce them and certify their results.



creates a unique rehabilitation system operating in augmented and virtual reality-based on many years of work and assumptions, as well as research conducted by specialists. It is a unique form and system of remote rehabilitation which provides a new and more effective way of neurological rehabilitation. Currently, there is a severe lack of access to rehabilitation specialists and services and there is no good system for rehabilitation that solves current problems.

Building the milestones, shaping your business

So far, so good. We’re working hard on bringing every year’s event to a higher level and growing + connecting the biggest community of innovators across Central Europe.

Bringing a new shape to the program, we’re running year’s edition in a hybrid form. Experienced speakers and high-profile businesses are prepared and eager to share their knowledge at the 10th anniversary event to connect, learn and rise to excellence. A decade of the building is a great journey that goes on and shows our interest.

Where will you be on 8 – 12 November? It’s a chance to expose and rise.


We believe in the FUTURE and work on it right NOW as we did since the very beginning.