Selected startups

We proudly present a selection of innovative, scalable, and feasible startups. Find out more about the next stars and possible unicorns from the Central Europe area. The selected startups represent a variety of sustainable, eco-friendly, or online business ideas that will shape the future.

BatteryCheck (SK)

Battery lifecycle service for any device that prevents downtime and failures. The company combines IoT, data, energy, software, and blockchain expertise to revolutionize the way we buy, operate, and repurpose batteries.


BlockCzech (CZ)

BlockCzech creates a bridge between industries and blockchain implementation as it offers support and integration for NFT solutions, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts.



eROBOT develops an automatic self-maintenance control system for industrial robots to help increase their lifespan and decrease maintenance costs and replacements.


FoodBugs (PL)

An online store for both B2B and B2C customers that offers innovative food products that use alternative protein sources like insects. The products have increased nutritional value and are friendly to the planet.



An integrative platform that gives a complete overview of traffic, air, and noise pollution to municipalities by integrating AI traffic classification and environmental sensors into one easy-to-use platform.


PhoneIn (HU)

PhoneIn is a smart intercom that connects to your smartphone, giving you full control of your building door from anywhere. It is a great solution for your deliveries and guests. (SK)

A new way to promote brands that transforms any social media user into an advertiser. Until now, only large influencers have managed to earn from their posts. Promobay enables everyone to become an influencer and earn money. It solves a crucial problem for advertisers – connection with real people and social media users.


Solar Farm Cleaning Robot Project Team (HU)

A solar panel cleaning method to clean solar panels effectively and with minimal environmental impact as it uses less water than other competitors on the market.


Sungurt (PL)

Plant-based yogurt alternative that uses locally sourced sunflower seeds enriched with sunflower proteins. (CZ)

Personalized cosmetic shopping assistant that helps people find the best products on the market for their skin condition using deep learning AI.