04. 10. 2021

Be a part of expanding ecosystem

Making valuable connections that can help grow your business counts, right? We’re here for you with FTRNW. Our objective is to grow and connect the biggest community of innovators in the Central Europe area. That’s the goal we’ve been working on for quite some time – let’s say last decade.

Healthy network to get into

We’re creating this space for startups like yours. Stand up to the chance and get involved! Be part of this expanding ecosystem and benefit from this relationship. It’s fair to say that since 2011 we’ve got together influential tech visionaries, mentors, speakers, and investors with starting businesses to make create this unique connection in CEE. Among the others from the rich list, we welcome mentors from legal and strategy partner Sparring, Neulogy Ventures who help entrepreneurs build great companies and žijemvedu.sk (= I live Science) which is a popular platform connecting Slovak scientists over the globe.

Speakers, mentors, and high-profile businesses are willing to share their knowledge at the 10th-anniversary event. Reward yourself and join these experienced businessmen and women to connect, learn and rise to excellence in our hybrid bootcamp. 8 – 12 November is a chance to expose to your potential business partners. Create impactful collaborations across and beyond the region.


Schedule to remember

FTRNW 2021 is packed with valuable agenda to help you level up your skills. Learn and practice how to deliver your best pitch on Mondays. Be ready for FTRNW Startup Awards night. That’s your opportunity to shine! Other days provide you with various useful plans: whether it’s Startup Clinic, Office Hours with VCs, or Mentoring, you will get the best partners to bring your skills to a higher level.

Grasp the knowledge and get to know how to get your value proposition fixed. You can master tailoring your product for various targets and audiences so that you always hit the nail on the head. When you are ready you will have a chance to test your value proposition with the best VCs as well as get 1:1 mentoring from experts.


Inspirational alumni breaking the ground

The group of nine finalists from the previous year is the finest selection of startups. They grew their potential and created an impactful appearance in the business world. We’re proud and happy we supported these companies in our program. Get inspired by successful startups such as Sli.do, Kontentino, Renderro, Undout, and many more.


Get loaded with great bonuses

We partner with HubHub Global in our project, a network of co-working spaces across Europe. This means that you can continue your growth as a part of the great community full of creators, innovators, and thought leaders. We have a present for you: 3 months of physical and digital access to your local HubHub! But that’s not the end – our goody bag is filled with 3 months of the tailored hybrid program delivered by our partners between January and March 2022.

Take a chance to be a part of the innovation ecosystem we build to foster early-stage startups. Be supported by Sparring, Kiuuk, SudoLabs, Zaka VC, Venture to Future Fund, MIT Enterprise First, Department of International Trade UK, Slovak American Foundation, and more. Register FTRNW 2021 and push your startup beyond borders!